• Applicable to tugboats and push boats. Straight and Cone Type. Length of product: 500-20000
  • High energy absorption and low reaction force.  Reasonable Structure and long useful life.
  • Low reaction force, high energy absorption.Easy to be installed and main-tained.
  • Reasonable structure, high performance and good durability. 
    With angular, and little influence
  • TYPE U
    U300H×1500L, U300H×900L
    Compressive Deflection: 50.0%, and 62.5% Tons
  • High energy absorption, low reaction force. Easy to be installed and maintained
  • Bigger area exists on the top of the rubber fender and the inferface has smaller
  • Type GD
    The performance of reaction force and  energy absorption is higher than
  • SA-B (DA-B) Rubber fenders are equipped with head embedded plate and
  • Low reaction,small press, reasonable to obtain power. Simple shape,easy to install
  • Type A
    Moderate reaction force and high energy. Convenient installation and
  • Widely used in ports and docks. 
    Agile-turning, easy installation